Palm Coast FL Wildlife Removal

Palm Coast FL Squirrel Removal

Our Squirrel Removal & Trapping Specialists are highly trained and have the experience needed to solve your squirrel problems. We deal with squirrels in your attic, squirrels on your roof, squirrels in your bird feeder, and squirrels in your chimney. Dealing with squirrels can be frustrating, so it's best to leave that to the wildlife removal experts at First Coast Wildlife Services. We provide various squirrels services, such as squirrel trapping, squirrel feces and urine cleanups, squirrel exclusion, squirrel attic removal, and squirrel control.

Palm Coast Rodent Control

Palm Coast & Flagler County have a very abundant rat population. We see rats getting into attics, rats nesting in crawl spaces, and rats in outdoor kitchens at homes and businesses. We use state of the art, professional strategies, backed by a 1 year warranty on any rodent proofing services. We provide Palm Coast with rodent trapping & removal, rodent stations & control boxes, rat deterrent treatments, rodent exclusion, rat proofing, rat damage restoration & cleanup, and rodent monitoring programs. Rat removal & control is an ongoing service, very much like any standard pest control plan. Rats are such vigorous breeders, they can be difficult to control if not done properly.

Palm Coast Bat Removal & Exclusion

Like many areas, bats are a very important species to the Flagler County ecosystem. Bats eat more mosquitoes and insects than any other species in the Palm Coast Area. Our bat removal strategy is based on long term solutions. Our goal is to remove the bats, while also preventing them in the future. Bats are a social species, so they always live in large groups. In some cases, bat colonies can be in the hundreds. If you are experiencing a bat problem at your home or business in Palm Coast, please give on of our bat removal specialists a call.

Need Other Wildlife Removed?

Palm Coast Animal Removal Services

We are a full service pest & wildlife control company. Below is a list of all of our services.

Animal Trapping & Bee Removal

Pest Control, Termite, WDO Inspections, & Exterminating

Rodent Control & Rat Removal

Wildlife Exclusion & Rodent Proofing

Insulation Replacement & Gutter Cleaning/Protection