Orange Park Wildlife Removal

Orange Park Wildlife & Squirrel Removal

We are a professional animal removal & pest control company in Orange Park. We specialize in squirrel removal, rodent control, raccoon trapping, snake removal, opossum removal, nutria trapping, hog trapping, and more. Our wildlife removal specialists are highly trained in animal trapping and behavior.

Nutria Trapping & Removal in Orange Park FL

If you're looking for nutria rat removal solutions, First Coast Wildlife Services has fast results when dealing with nutria trapping and control. We set live, humane traps to catch nutria that are living in lakes and ponds and damaging lake banks. Nutria will cause damage by burrowing under lake banks and digging up grass which can cause erosion. 

Orange Park FL Snake Removal

Snake in the house? Maybe a snake was seen in the yard? Our snake removal services are fast. We use new snake trapping technology that allows us to quickly remove nuisance snakes. If snakes are in your home, you may need a wildlife inspection to identify the entry points. If they are in your yard, we can install snake fencing. 

Coyote Removal

Duck & Bird Removal

Mole Trapping & Removal

Beaver Removal

Hog Trapping & Removal