Jacksonville Nutria Removal


Nutria Trapping & Control in Jacksonville, FL

Nutria in Jacksonville are large aquatic rodents with vegetarian diets that prefer to nest under pond and lake banks. Those 2 factors make them known for the extreme damage they create. When families of nutria rats dig their burrows under a lake bank, this can create some serious erosion problems. Our team of Wildlife Specialists have solved problems for Apartment Complexes, Industrial Properties, Government Land, Home Owners Associations, Businesses, and Home Owners. Nutria can be a very challenging animal to control, but we are equipped to handle even the biggest nutria trapping & removal programs.

Nutria Habitat Removal & Restoration

Wherever Jacksonville nutria live, they have certain habitat requirements. Brush piles, lily pads, cat tails, and many other types of aquatic vegetation. If vegetation is creating hiding places, it may be what is attracting them to your property. Our Wildlife Consultants can identify these types of attractants and set up a plan to remove the hiding places which will highly reduce future attractants.

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