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Jacksonville FL has a very abundant population of rodents. Squirrels, mice, rats, and flying squirrels are all rodents that have the ability to cause a great nuisance in your home. Rodents in Jacksonville are known to squeeze through the tightest of openings. To remove rodents from your home or building, a thorough inspection must be performed to find every possible opening where rodents can get in. 


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First Coast Wildlife Services' Repair Team is a professional home repair service that specializes in sealing entry points that allow rodents and other animals inside. We only use durable material such as steel animal proof screen, metal flashing, and concrete. All of our repairs are backed by a warranty to ensure if you do have any problems, we will be sure to take care of them. 


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Our rodent control services in Jacksonville provide ongoing control to ensure rodents never come back. Whether you have rats in your garage, squirrels in your attic, mice in your pantry, or flying squirrels in your gutters, our professional rodent control specialists are here to serve you. Look no further, than the experts at First Coast Wildlife Services.