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Armadillos Digging in Your Yard?

In our Jacksonville FL neighborhoods, armadillos are causing damage. Armadillos are very strong diggers and can damage sod, mulch, landscapes, and are most known for being a carrier of leprosy. Jacksonville armadillo removal is necessary to control populations and to prevent the spread of the disease. Often times, armadillos will dig a burrow going underneath your home. These burrows can go as deep as 15 feet and because they create empty space under your foundation, it can cause the foundation to crack. First Coast Wildlife Services is Jacksonville's local armadillo removal company.

Jacksonville FL Armadillo Trapping & Removal

Armadillo removal should be left to professional wildlife control specialists. Armadillos are dangerous to handle without the proper precautions. Here at First Coast Wildlife Services, we are a professional wildlife removal business and specialize in humane armadillo removal and control. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in removing nuisance armadillos in Jacksonville. Armadillos are one of the most common calls we get on a daily basis. Wildlife specialists will set traps on your property and get your armadillo problem under control. We can solve any type of armadillo problem and can assist you to make sure they do not return. 

Common calls for armadillos problems in Jacksonville Include; Armadillos burrowing under the house, armadillos in the crawl space, armadillos under the deck, armadillos digging in lawn, armadillos damaging sod, armadillos digging up plants, armadillos burrowing under patio, armadillos burrowing under the pool, armadillos burrowing under a tree.

Armadillo Biology and History

There are some interesting facts about armadillos that you should know. Armadillos are originally from South America. In the 1920's-1950's many armadillos were released in the Southeastern U.S. from various sources. Some intentional and others unintentional. Armadillos are the only carrier of leprosy in North America. In order for the disease to be transmitted, there must be blood or saliva contact. Armadillos will dig multiple burrows throughout their territories. Some burrows are dug just for the purpose of escape routes if a predator comes near. Other burrows are used for sleeping during the day (armadillos are nocturnal). The reason armadillos have multiple burrows is because food sources change and it becomes more convenient for them to stay closer to active food sources. When armadillos have their young, they always have quadruplets (4) and they are always identical of the same sex.