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Jacksonville Attic & Structural Inspections

To solve any wildlife problems in your attic, a detailed inspection must be performed to find out what is going on. When we perform an animal inspection, we are looking for hair, gnaw marks, animal feces, animal urine, tracks, rub marks, claw marks, trees that are close to the roof, and most importantly construction gaps that animals can get into.


Jacksonville Attic Wildlife Removal

Animals and wildlife in your attic are a common pest in Jacksonville. Florida's builders often leave construction gaps for added ventilation which then allows nuisance wildlife in. Birds, bees, bats, squirrels, rats, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and even ducks go into attics to nest. To remove animals from an attic is different than removing wildlife from outdoors. At First Coast Wildlife Services, our team of Attic Wildlife Specialists know exactly what to do in any situation.  We use a combination of traps, deterrents, and exclusion doors to remove wildlife as fast as possible.


Jacksonville Attic Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife Exclusion is the process of animal proofing a structure to prevent nuisance wildlife from entering. Depending on the wildlife species we are dealing with, animal exclusion can be performed before and after we have removed the species. Smaller mammals and bird problems will typically need exclusion immediately (rats, mice, squirrels, bats, bees). Larger animals need exclusion immediately but we have to be very careful and make sure we don't seal any wildlife inside (raccoons, opossums, ducks). Our Attic Wildlife Exclusion Team receives ongoing training to ensure the highest quality repairs are performed.