Wildlife Service Locations Add Pest Control

5/7/19 - Conserv & Expel

As planned,  First Coast Wildlife Services has began it's expansion into the pest control industry. Since 2014 First Coast has offered pest control services in Florida. Now, under it's 2 brands; Expel & Conserv, they have added pest & termite control services in South Carolina, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania. "This is the beginning of a huge expansion into the pest control industry", says President & CEO Kyle Waltz. He says the company will continue to grow organically but also through the acquisitions of local pest control companies in all of it's territories."I look forward to being able to protect our customer's homes from the ground up for all pests, not just wildlife" says Waltz. 

If you run a pest control company in Florida, Coastal Georgia, New Jersey, Coastal South Carolina, Alabama, Chicago, or Philadelphia and are interested in selling your business, give us a call today at 904-345-1542.