Jacksonville Wildlife Removal, Rodent Control, Animal Trapping 904-250-0071

Jacksonville Wildlife Removal, Rodent Control, Animal Trapping 904-250-0071

Jacksonville Wildlife Removal, Rodent Control, Animal Trapping 904-250-0071Jacksonville Wildlife Removal, Rodent Control, Animal Trapping 904-250-0071Jacksonville Wildlife Removal, Rodent Control, Animal Trapping 904-250-0071

We are your local Jacksonville  wildlife removal experts. We are a professional pest animal removal & rodent control service.

Jacksonville Wildlife Control

Jacksonville Wildlife Removal Specialists.

Need Wildlife Removal in Jacksonville?

Whether you have rats in your attic, snakes in your yard, or armadillos burrowing under your home, our wildlife specialists are equipped to solve your problem. First Coast Wildlife Services is a professional wildlife removal company based in Jacksonville FL with over 50 years of combined experience in the pest & wildlife control industry. We service all of Northeast Florida.

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Jacksonville Armadillo Removal Trapping. Animal Removal Jacksonville FL

Top Quality Wildlife Trapping Services

Our Jacksonville Wildlife Specialists must go through extensive and ongoing training for all aspects of pest control, wildlife management, animal biology, humane handling procedures, and wildlife conservation. This allows us to provide our clients the best service in the industry. We take your wildlife problems very seriously.

Jacksonville Animal Removal. Wildlife Removal Jacksonville FL

Long Term Wildlife Solutions

Our goal is to ensure we not only solve your wildlife problem quickly, but we prevent it from happening again. That's why we provide our clients with ongoing support through our wildlife protection plans, monitoring services, and exclusion warranties.

Jacksonville Office Service Area

Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal & Rodent Control


Rats, Squirrels, Mice, and Flying Squirrels cause a nuisance by scratching on your ceiling, gnawing on wires, chewing on wood, and damaging your insulation.

Raccoon Removal

Jacksonville Raccoon Removal. Animal Removal Jacksonville. Raccoon Poop in attic. Raccoon Cleanup

Raccoons may get into pet food, have their young in your attic, get into your garbage, or use your property as a playground. 

Armadillo Removal

Jacksonville Animal Trapper. Armadillo Control Jacksonville

Armadillos will commonly dig holes in your lawn, burrow under your home, crack your foundation, and bust pipes. 

Opossum Removal

Opossum Removal in Jacksonville FL. Wildlife Removal Jacksonville FL

Opossum's often get into crawl spaces and attics to have their young. Opossums can also damage insulation if they get into your attic.

Snake Removal

Snake Removal Jacksonville FL. Snake in house Jacksonville. Free snake removal.

Snakes may wander into your home, garage, or attic. Venomous snakes can be dangerous. It is important that snakes are only handled by a professional.

Fox Removal

Fox Removal Jacksonville FL. Nuisance animal trapping.

Foxes will often have their dens close to neighborhoods which can cause problems. Foxes are known to prey on house cats and even small dogs.

Mole Control

Mole tunnels in yard Jacksonville FL. Mole animal removal. mole trapping and control northeast FL

Moles can turn a beautiful lawn into a messy one. Get rid of moles before it's too late! Our mole trappers use specialized techniques to ensure they're gone for good.

Wild Hog Removal

Wild Hog Removal Florida. Jacksonville Wildlife Removal Specialist Trapper

Wild Hogs are extremely powerful animals. Their sharp tusks and strong bodies have the ability of damaging any type of property. We use some of the latest technology to remove hogs.

Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Smell. Dead Animal Removal Jacksonville FL. Animal Carcass Removal Jacksonville.

Are you smelling something dead? Dead animals can make your home smell horrible for days and attract flies. We can remove the animal, deodorize, and disinfect the area.

Bird & Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control, Bird Control, Wildlife Control, Bird Spike Installation, Avitrol

Pigeons, muscovy ducks, peacocks, vultures, and other birds cause health hazards by leaving their droppings, causing health hazards, and by their sheer presence alone.

Attic Wildlife Removal

Noises in attic Jacksonville FL, most common animals in attic, squirrel removal, animal attic pest

How to get nuisance wildlife out of your attic and keep them out long term. We inspect, perform wildlife removal, then prevent animals from entering again in the future.

Attic Restoration

Attic restoration, animal poop cleanup, insulation replacement, tap insulation, blown in insulation

Once we remove animals from an attic, your insulation should be replaced. When animals are living in your attic, your insulation is like a sponge.

Nutria Removal

nutria removal Jacksonville FL, nutria rat trapping, aquatic rat in lake, mammal in pond, nutria

Nutria in Jacksonville damage lake and pond banks by eating vegetation & digging which can cause erosion. 

Duck & Goose Removal

Muscovy duck trapping, Muscovy duck removal, mallard duck trapping, duck netting, Goose Removal

Ducks in Jacksonville may get into your attic, nest in your bushes, knock over bird feeders, and defecate on your property causing serious health hazards.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal Jacksonville, Squirrel in attic, squirrel in eaves, squirrel in crawl space screen

Squirrels are a very common pest animal in Jacksonville. They are the biggest nuisance when they get into your attic. Squirrels damage insulation, chew on rafters, and chew holes in vents and roof lines.

Coyote Removal

Jacksonville Coyote Removal, Nuisance coyote, coyote in neighborhood, coyotes in Jacksonville

Coyotes in Jacksonville are an increasing problem throughout the Duval County area. Coyotes are known to eat small pets, get into trash, and they can even be a threat to small children. 

Bat Removal

Bat Removal Jacksonville FL, Bat in attic, Jacksonville remove bats, bat guano cleanup, bat pest

Jacksonville bat removal is becoming more common. Bats often find their way into small openings that lead into the attics and eaves of homes and buildlings.  

Beaver Trapping & Removal

Beaver Removal Jacksonville FL, Beaver Trapping, Beaver Dam Removal,

Beavers have lived in Jacksonville for many years. Beaver removal is a common service for areas in the rural part of Duval County, but occasionally we see the need for beaver trapping in the city as well.

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